Australian Dance Party | Moving to ZERO
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Moving to ZERO

The Earth is warming at an alarming rate, causing adverse affects to ecosystems. Present and future generations, risk the loss of a healthy planet and important cultural and environmental legacy of our past. Human induced climate change, including the production of Co2 emissions, are large contributors to these detrimental changes. Taking responsibility for change we can move to reduce and counteract these negative impacts.
As an artist-activist company, we have devised a movement for this change, Moving to Zero.

Moving to Zero involves the creation of  four short dance films. A creative and dynamic science communication strategy that brings the ACT Government’s target for carbon reduction into the public eye (read about the targets here). The development process involves input from science advisors, Dr. Mark Stafford Smith and Prof. Will Steffen, combined with community input via workshops and surveys, choreographic process, film concept devising and media to increase awareness, agency and action towards zero.


See how you can be involved and project updates below…

Supported by Community Zero Emissions Grants Program, Screencraft, Dionysus, HerCanberra, Elite Event Technology and The Party.


Following research, concept design, community engagement activities and shooting of our four short Moving to Zero film campaign we will soon launch Moving to Zero film series.

Thank you to Screencraft, our team of scientists, artists and creatives as well as to everyone who completed the survey, or turned out for workshops and ALL IN shoot at Yarralumla.  Art meets science, government, community and change for good. A huge collaborative effort by all. We hope that you become inspired champions for this cause, through your dances and your ideas. Thank you.

Currently in post production phase, we can’t wait to share the results with you.

Please join us for the launch of Moving to Zero films on Thursday, 2nd August, 6pm at Nishi, Grand Stair, New Acton.

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