In a new collaboration, Australian Dance Party and Gogi Dance Collective (Gold Coast) exchange, merge and re-assemble site dance making approaches and ethics through the seeding of a new work ‘a-bridging-place’ set on the HOTA ‘Green’ Bridge. With provocation from Daniele Constance, Glenn Barry and Uncle John Graham and the artists centre their creative consciousness to first nations histories and audience access opportunities.

The bridge is a metaphor for the research focus of the residency AND the subject of the new work, where site dance approaches merge from different directions and expand to new awareness. We curiously unpack the patterns, psychologies and choreographies of the bridge as a space between two ends or beginnings and places of suspended transition.

a-bridging-place is made possible through a Blue Sky Dreaming residency at Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance as part of The Makers Program.

This project has been supported by Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance through The Makers Program – a commissioning project assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland; the Regional Arts Development Fund which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland; and proudly supported by HOTA Home of the Arts.


Australian Dance Party artists: Alison Plevey, Olivia Fyfe and Ryan Stone. Gogi Dance Collective: Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner In collaboration with Daniele Constance, Glenn Barry and Uncle John Graham.


16th-22nd May on site at the HOTA ‘Green’ Bridge as part of the Supercell: Festival of Contemporary Dance Makers Program.


Scott Belzner a-bridging-place. Last image by Lorna Sim (Australian Dance Party) and Gold Coast City Council (Gogi Dance Collective).

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