Autumn Lantern


In March 2020 dancers and musicians weaved movement, music and light symbolic of lanterns through festival, or city spaces. Responsive to place and the activity present there, Autumn Lantern playfully revealed the character of the natural and architectural spaces and the choreographies already present within them. Audience could follow them on a mystical, waltz and hum through twilight into the darkness.


Concept and direction by Alison Plevey, in collaboration with the creative team. Performers: Alison Plevey, Olivia Fyfe, Debora di Centa & Ashlee Bye Musician: Alex Voorhoeve and Michael Liu


When: Enlighten in the City 2020 & Enlighten 2016, Canberra.


Available for touring and event bookings. Duration: 40 minute roving peice, can be performed multiple times daily and tailored to your needs/route. Suitable sites: Outdoors, urban spaces, parklands, festival zone. Contact: secretary@australiandanceparty.test


Lorna Sim and Martin Ollman

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