Co.lab is ADP’s playground for possibility. Here we meet new artists, forge intertwining cross artform languages, uncover new ways into our own artforms, practice artistic impulse, instantaneous composition and journey into wild immersions through sound, movement, visuals and words.

In August 2021 we engaged in a labbing process across four weekly sessions with new and original members of our evolving co.lab ensemble.


Co.lab sharing. Sat 28th Aug, 4pm, 2021 Gorman Arts Centre, F Block (75min duration approx.)

CO.LAB Artists

Dance: Ryan Stone, Patricia Hayes-Cavanagh, Emma Laverty, Alison Plevey & Levi Szabo Music: Ruth O'Brien & Liam Budge Visuals: Nicci Haynes Words: Melinda Smith

Photo Credit

CO.LAB's 'Which Weigh', performed at Canberra Obscura: Metropolis, 28th July 2017 Photos: Andrew Sikorski, courtesy Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.

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