Connecting Stories

6 dancers of different ages dressed in white and denim form a horizontal line connecting to each other with different limbs 9 dancers aged 32-10 dressed in white and denim form a line in height order connecting to each other with different limbs 6 dancers dressed in neutral tone formal dress pose close to each other looking in different directions puzzled 6 dancers dressed in grey jumpsuits reach forward in unison Male dancer lifts female dancer in a flowy black skirt as she kicks the material high into the air

CONNECTING STORIES: In a project the first of its kind, QL2 Dance (ACT), Australian Dance Party (ACT) and Catapult Choreographic Hub (NSW), supported by the National Portrait Gallery collaborate to create a cross generational, cross regional dance project.

The collaboration built from YGEN to IGEN, a project which began in 2020 with ADP and QL2 working together across ages and stages of dance artists to create together, learn from each other and be inspired by all that dance brings to their lives – across our lives.


Connecting Stories is a commission of the National Portrait Gallery, with two iterations ‘Connecting Stories: Innovation’ & ‘Connecting Stories: Generations’, developed to reflect the exhibition “Shakespeare to Winehouse”.


As performing artists we offer a physical and ephemeral experience of visiting the NPG and the themes within this prolific exhibition, inviting you to feel and think and be kinaesthetically engaged with the importance of people – figures in our world and across time that have shaped it, and the incredible ways artists have evolved to capture their essence.


The first iteration Connecting Stories: Innovation was recently performed in April and the second Connecting Stories: Generation will run in June.


Connecting Stories: Innovation - April. Connecting Stories: Generations - June at the National Portrait Gallery.


Connecting Stories: Innovation choreographed by Alison Plevey and Craig Bary, danced by professional artists Ashlee Bye, Ryan Douglas Stone, Yolanda Lowatta, Craig Bary, Mikayla Nangle & Alex Abbot. Connecting Stories: Generations choreographed by Alison Plevey & Craig Bary, Ruth Osborne, Cadi McCarthy & Olivia Fyfe. Danced by professionals above and dancers from QL2 Dance, Quantum Leap and The Flipside Project.

Commisoned by

National Portrait Gallery


Lorna Sim

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