Five dancers dressed in white spash through water in front of a giant illuminated concrete pillar sculpture Fiver dancers hide behind concrete pillar but expose limbs in different directions Female dancer dressed in white with short hair flowing slides foward in water with arms raised high towards sky Male dancer bench presses female dancer horizontally in his arms amongst giant purple illuminated concrete pillars Less public artwork sculpture at Dairy Road illuminated with red lighting with dancers dressed in white

In a place that has no defined use, we find that less is more.

LESS was a part of the 2022 Enlighten Festival and The BOLD Festival. An illuminated outdoor dance and music performance on the evocative architectural public artwork, Less.

Designed by Chilean architects Pezo von Ellrichshausen, the uses of LESS are undefined. It is a place that conjures images of ancient and future civilisations, the sacred and spiritual, the duality of the rigid and organic. Its permeable cage echoes the isolation of this current time. Here in reverent contemplation we uncover our playful imagination.


When: March 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th and 12th 2022 Where: Less Pavilion at Dairy Rd. Fyshwick


Directed by Alison Plevey in collaboration with dancers Ryan Stone, Ashlee Bye, Levente Szabo, Jake Silvestro, Patricia Hayes-Cavanagh and Gabriel Sinclair. Sound design by Alex Voorhoeve with live instrumentation by Liam Budge (vocals) and John Mackey (sax). Lighting Design by Ove McLeod. Costume Design by Aislinn King.

Supported by

Supported by Molonglo, artsACT, Enlighten Festival, The BOLD Festival, Maxim, AllInsure, Dionysus, Atlas Physio, QL2 Dance, SOULution Yoga, Lorna Sim Photography and Mount Majura Vineyard.


Lorna Sim

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