Escape from Plastika


Join Australian Dance Party’s ‘Anti Disaster Platoon’, as they lead your school group on an important mission for the future. Set in the Playground of your school grounds, dance heroes – Alpha, Delta and Pi – adventure with your students to explore the problem of plastic!

Blasting off in schools in Term 1, 2022.

Australian Dance Party presents Escape From Plastika.
In Partnership with The Recyclopedia and University of Canberra.
Developed with assistance from Canberra Theatre Centre.

Term 1, 2022: March 24-25 + March 29 – April 1. Duration: 40 minute show, 20 minute post show interactivity/discussion. Inquiry toolkit: Curriculum linked teacher and student resources Site: Adaptable to any school Playground equipment.


Created by Alison Plevey, Alana Stenning, Olivia Fyfe and Ryan Stone Costume and set by Aislinn King Dramaturgy by Karla Conway Sound design by Kimmo Vennonen


Lorna Sim

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