Weave, hustle, halt

Older male dancer dressed in street clothes extends his arms horitontally directed younger dancers where to go.

In response to the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition ‘Dempsey’s People: British Street Portraits’, nine dancers reflected the activity, characters and rhythms of the street. As they moved, dashed and dawdled along the outdoor corridor audience could experience their personas and interactions. What has changed about how people move and intersect in the street today? A mirror perhaps of our changing, fast pace, (dis)connected world?


This project is supported by the National Portrait Gallery, QL2 Dance, NewActon and the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.


When: 2nd & 9th September 2017. Where: Outside the National Portrait Gallery along the paved corridor leading to King Edward Terrace


Dance - Olivia Fyfe, Alison Plevey, Philip Piggin, Jane Ingall, Ursula Taylor, Eve Buckmaster, Natsuko Yonezawa, Caspar Ilschner and Milly Vanzwol. Music/Soundscape - Alex Voorhoeve and Tim Wickham (CSO)

Image Credit

Martin Ollman

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