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Five dancers dressed in white spash through water in front of a giant illuminated concrete pillar sculpture


“”LESS” is an immersive experience where multi-directional sound input, sensory surrounds and luckily, perfect weather on opening night, blend to create an aesthetically pleasing, meditative experience in a space that offers a canvas for exploration and creativity.”
Samara Purnell, Canberra CityNews

Fiver dancers hide behind concrete pillar but expose limbs in different directions


“Australian Dance Party (ADP) calls itself a site-specific company these days, and its most recent work, LESS, is an exceptional example of how this approach to the company’s productions plays out.
Michelle Potter…On Dancing


“…while its many columns might provide a challenge for performance this monolithic structure will tantalise the imaginations of creative people, just as it has done for Alison Plevey and her Australian Dance Party, who with LESS have created their own memorable site specific work in celebration of its existence.”
Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle


“Brutalist architecture, industrial landscapes and site-specific performance are a few of my favourite things. Ticking all these boxes and more, this show was a seamless blending of place and art.”
Simone Penkethman, Canberra Critics Circle


“an unforgettable experience, that is  never less than intriguing, often very beautiful, and occasionally even laugh-out- loud.”
“Intriguing, tantalising, thought- provoking and entertaining Symbiosis is another strikingly original work from Australian Dance Party.”

Bill Stephens Australian Arts Review


““Symbiosis” is a thoughtful, engaging, multi-sensory experience. An immersive offering with an environmental message, delivered in an aesthetically appealing, interesting manner.”
– Samara Purnell Canberra CityNews

2020 Critics Circle Award for Lake March.
‘For courageously working within the restrictive conditions generated by Covid-19 to bring an innovative and entertaining production of dance and live music, presented in several outdoor venues, to an audience of dance goers and the wider Canberra Community’.

“Their new video series – Move to Zero – uses funky, feel-good short films to suggest that Canberrans can change their everyday behaviour to reduce emissions.”
Genevieve Jacobs, The Riot ACT, October 2020

YGen to IGen explored through cross-generational performance ‘the fears, hopes and imaginings of possible futures’. It was a beautiful Canberra afternoon but in retrospect the topic was more apposite than anyone might have imagined.”
Michelle Potter, On Dancing…, March 2020

“Five dancers in brightly coloured jumpsuits and carrying boxes of Lego performed the work, choreographed by Alison Plevey with the Party artists, with strong technique, synchronicity, and conviction.”
– Backstreet Brisbane, February 2020

– Shortlisted for an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance 2019
– 2019 Critics Circle Awards for:
“brilliantly executed” work ‘From The Vault’
Outstanding Performance by Party Artist Ryan Stone

“a brilliantly conceived and executed dance work, certainly the best yet from Australian Dance Party and confirms Alison Plevey’s status as an important and original creative voice in Australian contemporary dance.”
Bill Stephens, Canberra Critics Circle, September 2019

“by far the best work I have seen from the Australian Dance Party. Of course to be the best work I had seen from Plevey and her Party, From the Vault also needed to be expertly staged and well danced, costumed and lit. The five dancers, Stephen Gow, Olivia Fyfe, Eliza Sanders, Alana Stenning and Ryan Stone, all performed with the power and commitment we have come to expect of them.”
Michelle Potter, On Dancing, September 2019

an excellent example of the distinctive contribution made by this company to dance in the Australian Capital Territory.” –
Bill Stephens, Australian Arts Review, 2018

“Wasted”, which concluded the program, superficially showed elements of humour and irony,it proved a very serious response to the environment and sustainability. Here the creators Olivia Fyfe, Steve Gow, Alison Plevey,Alana Stenning and Ryan Stone, contort their bodies and faces in expressions of waste and destruction, a dramatic way ofparalleling damage to the planet and damage to the human body”
Helen Musa, May 2019, Canberra City News 

“Alison Plevey thinks outside the box. She puts together shows that attract attention instantly, but in the end they go beyond that instant gratification. Demanding they are, but that’s what the best dance is like.”
– In a flash, Michelle Potter, On Dancing, February 2018

“a totally captivating dance piece in conjunction with one of its (NPG’s) current exhibitions. Plevey goes from strength to strength with her innovative ideas and her commitment to using Canberra as a backdrop for her work.”
Michelle Potter, On Dancing, September 2017

“the originality of its concept, the uniqueness of its setting, and the excellence of its execution, with Nervous, Australian Dance Party confirms its promise of becoming an important new vehicle for contemporary dance in the A.C.T.”
Bill Stephens, City News and Australian Arts Review, Dec 2016

“This is not just a skills display, but a work of true relevance that explores the current human condition. Every movement and sequence is so breathtaking that I want to know it’s origin.”
Chenoeh Miller, BMA, December 2016

“The concept behind the show, devised by the ‘Party Leader’, dancer Alison Plevey, sounds simplistic: an investigation of the relationship between music and dance in a collaboration between four dancers and six musicians from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. But as developed in performance it was totally engaging, illuminating and just plain exciting to watch.”
Michelle Potter, On Dancing… August 2016

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