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With experts warning we have just 12 years to “avoid catastrophic environmental breakdown“. The ACT aims to be carbon neutral by 2045 at the latest. An ambitious and necessary move to ensure safe futures for the environment and our communities. We can all be agents for change, and with support from individuals in the science community, arts organisations, business and Territory Government, Australian Dance Party create interactive video campaigns motivating us all to make moves to zero.

Through Move to Zero we hope to awaken renewed community connection, creativity and environmental stewardship. We invite you to be a part of it through a program of Move to Zero activities, online and in person, to collectively continue the momentum in transitioning towards zero net emissions by 2045 or sooner. Move to Zero is a project of Australian Dance Party, supported by the ACT Government’s Community Zero Emissions Program.

The first Move to Zero micro-video campaign in 2018, has reached audience of over 100k worldwide. In 2020 we launched our second series of films with a focus on active and electrified transport. With over 60% of emissions from transport here in the ACT and each car producing over 4 metric tonnes of C02 per year, we can all make choices to travel more sustainably. In terms of our health and well being, walking, cycling, getting outside, connecting with friends as well as the nil Co2 emissions that go along with active transport, it’s a no-brainer!

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Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
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What’s your #movetozero?

Get involved in spreading the message by sharing your moves towards zero via Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #movetozero
For more ways to move to zero visit Actsmart.


About the films

Feel Wheely Good
Snatch up some exercise, catch up with a friend and take in the natural environment by using active transport on a bike, scooter, skate board or roller skates.

Get Electrified!
Vehicles are responsible for over 60% of emissions in the ACT, producing an average of around 2.4 metric tonnes of carbon per vehicle per year. Electric Vehicles (EV) run clean, are increasingly affordable to buy, cost effective to run/service and boy are they green machines! Learn more about electric vehicles, including the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (Canberra Branch), ACT Government subsidies for Green vehicles and myth busting EVs. Thinking of buying an electric bike? Test one here

Strut Your Stuff

Vehicles are responsible for over 60% of emissions in the ACT, producing around 2.4 metric tonnes of carbon per car per year. So why not ditch the keys and Strut Your Stuff! Walking to and from your destination, or to the bus or tram, is not only good for the environment, it is oh so good for you! Snatch up 30-60 mins of exercise a day while you walk through the street, park or neighbourhood. Along the way meet up with a friend, have a chat on the phone and take in the natural environments that we are all a part of. For more ways to Move to Zero emissions visit.

Make Your Step 
We can ALL make small steps to zero today and everyday. Dive into a carpool, Make your home just right and Use no plastic.

Make Your Home Just Right
In Canberra, Australia, the number of days over 35 degrees has almost doubled since 1976. – Actsmart ACT Make your home just right this summer and reduce energy use by setting your air conditioner to 25 degrees, blocking the sun with window coverings, sheltering and greening your home and insuring ventilation in cooler parts of the days.

Dive Into A Car Pool
Many of us drive ourselves here there and everywhere. Limit your single occupant car trips and share the ride, dive into the car pool and splash about with your mates while you’re at it. Better for you, better for the environment.

Use No Plastic
The Earth is warming at an alarming rate, causing adverse affects to ecosystems. Present and future generations, risk the loss of a healthy planet and important cultural and environmental legacy of our past. Human induced climate change, including the production of Co2 emissions, are large contributors to these detrimental changes. Taking responsibility for change we can move to reduce and counteract these negative impacts.



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