OnSite Program

ADP is unique in its utilisation of site and multi-disciplinary art to create visually stunning and sonically immersive works. OnSite invites audiences to feel, see, hear and experience a sense of place, exploring urgent social, environmental or political ideas, providing a space to reflect and connect. It pushes the envelope of what a 'dance' performance can be.

Our OnSite creative development involves intensive research, relationship building and community engagement linked to the concepts, our partners and spaces. Our artistic team, advisors and collaborators work towards an in-progress showing with the full realisation showcased the following year.

Our donors contribute directly to our OnSite program.

ADP - Nervous

Photo by Martin Ollman

Culture Cruise (2023)

Photo by Olivia Wikner

Culture Cruise is an exclusive half-day art immersion - memorable and sensorial - connecting destinations and revealing stories here on the beautiful ancient lands of the Ngunnawal people, Canberra.

  • Two lake cruises with a performing guide
  • Three dance or music performances
  • Lunch at Water’s Edge restaurant (dietary requirements catered)
  • Live music at the NMA
  • Visits to the National Portrait Gallery and National Museum of Australia

LESS (2022)

Photo By Lorna Sim

In a place that has no defined use, we find that less is more.

Less was a part of the 2022 enlighten festival and the bold festival. An illuminated outdoor dance and music performance on the evocative architectural public artwork, less.

Designed by chilean architects pezo von ellrichshausen, the uses of less are undefined. It is a place that conjures images of ancient and future civilisations, the sacred and spiritual, the duality of the rigid and organic. Its permeable cage echoes the isolation of this current time. Here in reverent contemplation we uncover our playful imagination.

Symbiosis (2021)

Photo by Lorna Sim

Symbiosis was an exclusive after-dark walking tour through the Australian National Botanic Gardens with illuminated live dance, music and spoken word by award-winning dance company, Australian Dance Party and collaborating artists.

This unique sensory experience explored the volatility of the natural world in the age of the Anthropocene. An embodied study of symbiotic relationships: parasitism, mutualism and commensalism, provoking a crucial reflection on human-ecological relationships and the response-ability we hold in shaping our ecological future.

ADP - Lake March

Lake March (2020)

Photo by Lorna Sim

‘Lake March’ was a spontaneous dance and music performance unfolding along the pathways of Lakes Burley Griffin, Ginninderra and Tuggeranong across two weekends in August 2020. Families, friends and exercise buffs of all ages flocking to the Lake to fill up on nature, gossip and sweat unsuspectingly were treated to an artistic happening, a shared moment of surprise, reflection and joy.

Along the water’s edge, eight dancers continuously moved in a spatially distanced procession to live musical accompaniment honouring the watery spaces as places of connection, reflection and for some, trauma.

ADP - Lake March

From the Vault (2019)

Photo by Lorna Sim

In a secret warehouse, once an old storage bunker for valuable goods, from the vault unlocked a timely reflection on values; what is truly important today and why we choose to keep it safe.

ADP - Energeia

Energia (2018)

Photo by Lorna Sim

Set at Mount Majura Solar Farm, Australian Dance Party’s ENERGEIA surveyed the generation, use and waste of the energy around us. An immersive audience experience that looked closely at human energy transactions positioning the human at the centre of the renewable and non-renewable energy debate. Why are we energy hungry?

The performance, ran entirely on battery, solar and kinetic power, and revealed the wasted power of ourselves and our environment.

ADP - Energeia
ADP - Nervous

Nervous (2016)

Photo by Lorna Sim

NERVOUS was a dance, light, music and science experience that parallels the neurological functions of our brain and the behaviours of our planet. Performed at the beautiful Mt. Stromlo Observatory.

ADP - Nervous
ADP - Strings Attached

Strings Attached (2016)

Photo by Lorna Sim

Strings Attached was Australian Dance Part’s first performance. It investigated the intimate and ancient connection between dance and music. Artists of the CSO together with the Australian Dance Party’s contemporary dancers collaborated to present the complex and important marriage of these artistic forms. What are the physiological, neurological, ritual, social and theatrical connections of movement and sound?

ADP - Strings Attached

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