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ADP offers two secondment placements to young and emerging artists to participate and observe the creation and performance of new work. This opportunity includes access to company classes as well as the creative process, valuable and rare opportunities for graduates or tertiary students to extend their experience, networks and confidence in working in the industry and build their connection with ADP.

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ADP in partnership with QL2 Dance offers tertiary dance graduates an opportunity to engage in an internship program nurturing their art career development and building broad skills and knowledge in diverse settings and roles.

With the guidance of the ADP company, the internship is developed through practice, and shaped by interest. It includes class involvement, labs, residencies, arts administration/management, and performance and rehearsal opportunities.
2023 will be the company's 3rd year providing this position, continuing to attract young artists to/back to Canberra who may otherwise land elsewhere.

  • Intern 2021: Patricia Hayes Cavanagh, now ADP Company Young Artist/Media Comms/Merch
  • Intern 2022: Gabriel Sinclair

Email us for more information or to express your interest.

Emerging Artist

Where possible, ADP considers the viability and opportunity for artists who have undertaken the Internship to join the company ensemble as Emerging artists the next year.

With aligning ethos and creative skills, emerging artist continues to grow, contributing their interests and abilities to our work, providing youthful and contemporary perspectives. Our 2021 Intern, Patricia Hayes-Cavanagh joined the ADP company in 2022 and across 2023-2026 we will consider the viability and suitability of Interns to join the company.

This opportunity vitally propels career trajectories and enables employment for young and emerging artists in dance in the ACT. The Emerging Artist program is successfully extending and investing in avenues for developing careers in dance and the capacity to work broadly in the arts.

  • 2022: Young Artist, Patricia Hayes Cavanagh
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