Seeding Ground

Photo: Gupi De Zavalía

We are excited to launch our new program igniting choreographic practice: SEEDING GROUND.

The opportunity includes a 3-day development process, fees for the choreographer and collaborating artists and video/photo documentation.

The program platforms company members with the opportunity to start something, develop their choreographic proficiency, creative leadership skills and test ideas for new work.

Our 2023/24 SEEDING GROUND artist is Yolanda Lowatta.

Yolanda worked with artists Ashlee Bye, Patricia Hayes Cavanagh and Levente Szabo in November/December 2023.

"I’ve made some pivotal realisations early on because of this program. I believe it really is the ‘Seeding ground’ for growing these ideas, for me, learning the type of choreographer I want to be. I have learnt so much just through being able to have a space to experiment and take your ideas from inside your mind and place it on dancers and learning how to articulate what it is you would like from them"
- Yolanda Lowatta

Photography: O&J Wikner

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