Soul Defenders


We march in defence of the soul. We dance to connect to the movements of the heart. We let it burst out from within. Not contained by judgemental blocks, but embracing and releasing the soul that rocks.

With a 14-tonne ex-military cargo truck, the ‘SOUL DEFENDER’, ADP’s Soul Defenders disguise peculiar army drills, extemporaneous body moves and soulful grooves that uphold the values of joy, spontaneous play and soul.

Do you wanna dance?


Created by Olivia Fyfe, Alana Stenning, Steve Gow, Ryan Stone and Alison Plevey


When: March/May 2019, May 2021. Where: Garema Place, New Acton & Art Not Apart.


Martin Ollman & Lorna Sim. Past appearances: Art, Not Apart Festival 2018 and Danceweek, Canberra City 2018

Tour info

Available for touring and event bookings. Duration: 20-minute roving set and 10-minute choreographed performance with the truck. Can be performed multiple times daily.

Site: Adaptable to any site where the truck is permitted.


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Australian Dance Party
Gorman Arts Centre
55 Ainslie Ave
Braddon ACT 2612
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