Water Tight


We use it, drink it, wash with it, play in it, we need it, yet under the surface, at times we abuse it.

Sparked by ADPs project Moving to Zero, exploring behavioural change towards emissions reductions and more sustainable futures, the ensemble explored qualities, energies and uses of water that survey our interactions with this powerful element.

Through dance and physical states we examined; the body as water, its renewing and destructive forces felt on the body, and the impact of the human in its midst. Immersed in water during the work, Water Tight uncovered our intimate connection to water, where it dictates our survival and prosperity, and our carelessness and ignorance towards the preciousness of this vital resource.


When: Art, Not Apart Festival Canberra, March 2018.Where: Shine Dome moat (Australian Academy of Science)


Olivia Fyfe, Alana Stenning, Michelle Norris, Steve Gow and Alison Plevey

Image credits

Lorna Sim, Martin Ollman and Caitlin Welch


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