The Cabinet


Alison is an untamable dance artist and performance maker leading The Party with rigour, vivacity and invention. She is a serial collaborator, charged by unlikely creative intersections. Flanked by her fellow Cabinet members Alison imagines and realises Party activities. She is irrevocably in love with dance.

Alison Plevey

Party Leader

Along with his family’s Molonglo Group, Johnathan developed NewActon and its many intricacies. He places humanity at the centre of every project, from trust in community gardens to masterplans for new precincts. As The Party’s Minister for Culture, he works to share the power and playfulness of human movement.

Johnathan Efkarpidis

Minister for Culture

David’s background in arts events and cultural philosophy lead to the cultural development organisation, Dionysus. Along with his foundational work on Art, Not Apart Festival, ACT’s music policy, NewActon’s Cultural Program and thousands of events, Australian Dance Party is a key step in his goal for a more artistic culture.

David Caffery

Minister for Party Affairs

As Director of creative production house Molonglo Group, Nikos is building pathways to transform numbers into cultural endeavours, leading to his role as The Party’s Campaign Manager where he aims to connect people to The Party’s ethos.

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

Campaign Manager

Maxim is a dynamic firm of chartered accountants and business advisors. They are passionate about the Canberra community. Maxim looks forward to dancing in step with The Party - “right, two, three, four, left; two three four” - as numbers are right up their alley!

Maxim Chartered Accountants

The Treasury

Allinsure moves with the needs of small and big organisations to ensure they’re covered. Peter and his team of ministerial advisors secure The Party from the attack of that dancing badboy: risk.


Minister for Security
Julie Dyson

Julie was the National Director of Ausdance from 1985 until her retirement in 2012. She assisted the organisation through many stages of its development, and her experience includes development of policy for dance in Australia and support for companies and individual artists. Since 2012 Julie has continued her work as a dance advocate. She was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2007.

Julie Dyson

Gift Fund Committee
Gaurav Pahwa

Gaurav is an expert accountant and arts enthusiast. His skills enable wider perspectives on an arts business and provide valuable economic advice especially in relation to private giving.

Gaurav Pahwa

Gift Fund Committee
Untitled design

Kiri is an Independent Arts Producer and project manager with almost 20 years’ experience in arts management in dance and visual arts, returning to the Canberra region after focusing in delivery in Sydney and Western Sydney.

Kiri Morcombe

Party Manager
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